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What we do?
Governments around the world are in various stages of fiscal reform. Many of them take steps, which are necessary to rein in costs more effectively and attempt to align spending in a timely fashion with revenue collection.
Finance Ministers across the world seek decisions and solutions to improve their fiscal oversight in achieving the liquidity resulting from revenues, in a timely manner. More and more, vision is now directed to the adoption of a Federal Revenue Collection & Consolidation (FRC2) Program.
This standardized robust and automated system for managing government's revenues gives Finance Ministers and other decision makers the tools they need to improve government services, enhance the decision making process, reduce cost, increase liquidity and better attract foreign investors.
D.A.T.A. Development Aid Technology Advisors Inc., carrying out business under the name of DATA Aid Technology, was duly incorporated in 2011 under the Federal Incorporation law of Canada and is doing business in the province of Quebec.
The Shareholders and Directors of the company watched the developed countries spent time, effort and huge sums of money to streamline government activities, automate as much as possible and optimized the use of computing and internet technology, only to achieve the convenience, top technology and more importantly the resulting relevant economic and financial rewards of the Federal Revenue Collection & Consolidation Program (FRC2).
The same bright and caring eyes assessed what the developing countries must go through in order to reach the level of technology that is available for the developed countries and to achieve the economic rewards that were the reason of this massive investment of time efforts and money on behalf of the developed countries to establish the Federal Revenue Collection & Consolidation Program (FRC2).